So why do we need supplements?

A lot of farming over the last 60 or so years  has been based on the mistaken analysis in the 19th century of plant growth that nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium were basically perceived as all that plants needed to grow. In fact, there are 74 mineral compounds that are all part in parcel of whole growth. We have been full-on into unbalancing the soil to where we today have unhealthy soil structure depleted in the other 71 minerals, less soil bacteria and fungi, resulting in unhealthy plants, animals and now humans.  Factory farming, extractive agriculture and an increasingly toxic chemical ideology have led to much illness and disease.

So the connection between soil, plants, animals and human is significant and  most of us suffer from mineral or vitamin deficiencies of one sort or another. You may not guess how much impact a trace mineral deficiency can have until you’ve started a supplement regimen and find that you have more energy and awareness, and fewer aches and pains.

Another reason that many people benefit from supplements has to do with stress. At the speed our lives move today, stress is a major factor in illness and fatigue, as well as contributing to coffee, sugar and cigarette addiction. We live our lives at a pace that no human civilization has, and the demands on our bodies are severe. When you are stressed, emotionally or physically, your body will use vitamins (particularly vitamins B and C) and other micronutrients at an increased rate. A supplement may also be useful to help balance hormones like HGH and cortisol, which are easily destabilized by stress and lack of sleep.

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